Prof. Li’s Lab for High-Energy Batteries
Research Group
Prof. Fujun Li’s group was founded in September of 2015. It is affiliated to the Key Lab of Advanced Energy Materials Chemistry (Ministry of Education), Nankai University, and Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemical and Engineering (Tianjin). Our main research scope includes advanced energy materials, chemistry of materials, and electrochemical energy storage, etc. We are dedicated to constructing high-capacity alkaline-metal ion and reversible metal-air batteries, understanding the processes of ion diffusion and charge compensation, and elucidating battery chemistry of new systems. These make us to be a multidisciplinary group consisting of staffs and students with various backgrounds on chemistry, materials science, and physics, etc. We are trying to contribute to a sustainable society!

Address: A701, Nankai-Tianda United Building, Nankai Univeristy, 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin, 300071.


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